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As part of my multi-faceted projects, I am called upon as an expert who can reconcile the economic objectives and technological challenges in all areas of food production.


I am very familiar with the past, present and future of the food industry throughout Europe and I am just as familiar with corporate structures as I am with agile processes and sprints in start-ups.


As an expert I collaborate on projects, offer advises, moderate or even present the topic to larger interest groups.

No Meat Factory
Europe GmbH


A plant based Fish & Meat company


  • Interim COO in setting up a new European subsidiary of a Canadian company

  • Product & Process Assessment and Optimization

  • Prototype production

  • Scale-up production

  • Consulting Contract Manufacturing

  • Consulting technical investments 

  • Storage & Distribution check-up

  • Marketing advice

  • Market entry advice

  • Organizational structure

Leading Seed-Manufacturer



Project with a leading seed manufacturer to enter the NewFood market, in particular the propagation and distribution of legume seeds that are optimally designed for the requirements of the plant-based meat and fish sector.


Management consulting, in particular:

Raw materials/ingredients (suitability & possible applications)

Market entry consulting (market & potential partner research)

Sales Consultancy (Early Stage)


Management Consulting:

  • Raw Ingredients (Suitability & possible applications)

  • Market entry consulting(Market & Potential Partner Research)

  • Sales Consultancy (Early Stage)

Future Proteins Conference



Germany, February 2023


  • Technical and active moderation (English) of the Future Proteins Conference over 2 days

  • Introduction and discussion with the speakers, leading the panel discussions

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