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My Service makes the Difference

I am a consultant working for established companies, start-ups and institutions if they plan to enter the New Food market. I support my customers along the entire value chain, from production to the end consumer.


My know-how comes into play in horizontal and vertical portfolio changes, in additions to established business areas, in far-reaching change processes or when strategy, operations and financial know-how are required in the transition from start-up to scale-up.


Analysis, consulting, coaching, workshops and speeches are as much a part of my repertoire as finding contract manufacturers, setting up joint ventures, optimizing supply chains and setting up new production facilities or entire factories.

Raw materials/ingredients


  • Product & Process Assessment and Optimization

  • Prototype production

  • Market optimization & Product Readiness

  • Suitability & Possible applications

Investment Management


  • Consulting Contract Manufacturing

  • Consulting Technische Investitionen 

M&A Early Stage
  • Contract Negotiation

  • Cultural Fit (Start-up, Cooperate, Investor)

  • Zero Data Start-up Negotiation

Project Management
  • New Technologies Assessment & Interpretation

  • Financial Monitoring & Reporting

  • Interface Management



  • Scale-up production

  • Consulting construction of new production facilities

Route to Market


  • Storage & Distribution check-up

  • Sales Consultancy

  • Marketing advice

  • Market entry advice

Management & Leadership
  • Interim Manager 

  • People Development / Training for Food Experts

  • People management

  • Organizational structure

Strategy / Business Development
  • Strategy-Workshops

  • Business Development Guidance

  • Future Food Monitoring

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