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Competence is required

The climate and food situation urgently require a change in the global food system. This requires experienced and forward-looking experts who have comprehensive know-how in the entire food sector in order to successfully support various market partners in the development process in the NewFood sector. Simone Poppe is one such expert who successfully supports companies, start-ups and institutions in various forms, intensities and functions in the NewFood sector.

About me



I stand for analytical advice in the NewFood sector, which is based on my extensive experience and is always up to date. I approach your issues calmly, reliably and creatively. This gives you reliable and resilient results that consistently contribute to the success of your company. And if I don't know what to do myself, I can also fall back on a large network.




My service offering is broken down into the areas Raw materials, ingredients, production, investment management, route to market, M&A Early Stage, Strategy, Business Development and Management & Leadership.

Within these areas, I take on a variety of tasks, depending on the requirements of the company and the goals it has set.



The diversity of my projects reflects my broad range of services. The fact that I am always dealing with new tasks and challenges constantly expands my knowledge has a positive impact on my clients. I make no distinction between a small or a large project. Every project receives my 100% attention and all my expertise.

What people say about me

„With Simone's market expertise and network, her support was extremely helpful for us to establish a new focus for us in plant based food ingredients development.“

Nigel Moore

"Simone and I met at a plant-based and new food conference. Since then, we have been working closely together. I appreciate her expertise and the network she has built up in this industry. We are aiming for a long-term collaboration."


Dominik Scheffer


"Simone Poppe enriched our Future Proteins Conference 2023 as a moderator with her extensive branch expertise, led panel discussions with flair and was largely responsible for ensuring that the common thread of the overall concept was clear to the participants. Dear Simone, thank you very much for your outstanding commitment and the trusting cooperation!"

Klaus Deniffel

Projektmanager Alternative Proteine; MULTIVAC

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